So this seems to be the general consensus today.


So this seems to be the general consensus today.

Also can we stop generalizing these thugs as no voters and present as what they really are? Violent racist hooligans.

Every pro-Union voter with any humanity is sitting at home thinking the same way as us all.

The BBC has next to nothing on the FACIST NEO NAZI VIOLENT RIOTS THAT ARE HAPPENING RIGHT NOW IN GLASGOW but live updates about Salmond’s resignation

I supported the union all the way but this BBC bias is killing me here


'Reports emerge of violence in Glasgow’s City Centre tonight as groups unofficially aligned with the ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ sides of the Scottish Independence Referendum continue to taunt each other in the streets.’

ALSO: Pro union skinheads taunt defeated Scots independents

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why did no one tell me hyrule warriors was dynasty warriors with zelda characters wtf this is so much fun


anyway if anything be proud of how involved everyone was in this. in a time of political apathy almost 100 percent of scotland showed up to vote. 

I mostly want a No vote so I can watch Alex Salmond’s dreams shatter on live television

Like independence might actually be okay but not if he’s acting like he’s the next king of Scotland, get out

hears mother complaining about my coughing in the next room

coughs louder

If I wasn’t so sick I would’ve organised a drunk referendum/make fun of nicola sturgeon’s haircut night but I gotta conserve my energy to party with the crew on Saturday